Travel USA: 1 great reason to visit Death Valley National Park

Hot. And I can still jump ...
Without exaggeration I can say that I truly believed the blood in my veins was boiling. It felt as if they were about to burst. Wrong, I didn't just run a marathon. I was standing in Badwater in Death Valley National Park. This is with 280 feet below sea level the lowest point in North America and the temperatures on that day were at around 48.88 degrees Celsius (120 Fahrenheit). 

Because of this heat it felt like I had hit a very low point (pun intended of course) … as low as in rock bottom

Why is that place called Badwater you might ask right now? 

That question is easy to answer. There is only bad water to be found, to be more precise, there is only saltwater. Since it was freaking hot, there weren't many other visitors around and I had the chance to play walking on the moon for a bit. After walking on the salty flats, gazing at the vast horizon, I turned back and saw this sign up on the cliff: Sea level. As if I wouldn't have known it already, it gave me an even better understanding of how 'low' I was at that moment.

Some might describe Badwater as the most boring place they ever visited ... with lots of nothing to see. It is amazing to see this big emptiness and to feel the heat. Standing in the light hot wind I felt so very tiny. The world seemed once more simply beautiful and like a pretty good place to live. Is there a better reason to visit? I doubt it.


Do you like to visit deserts? Looking forward to hear from you.

From Berlin with love