Are you afraid of travel scams?

The other day I had a shopping voucher from H&M of EUR 5 (AUD 7.42 / GBP 4.10 / USD 6.97). It became invalid the following day and I don’t wanted to buy anything that day. I offered a fellow shopper at H&M the voucher, she sort of jumped away from me and reclined my offer with a disgusted face. She was barely brave enough to mutter a no, or to even say thank you. Oh dear, there is so much talk of travel scams and con artists, but hey, we were at H&M in Berlin Mitte. As far as I know this isn’t the most dangerous place to be, right?

No need to see travel scams everywhere

Since I am not one who gives up easily I asked another shopper. He was from the US, gave me a smile, said thank you that’s very kind and took the voucher. I smiled back at him and left.

What about you? Are you afraid of others (out of habit) when you travel or do you give everyone a chance? I mean, you never know … that guy could have bought a big and delicious piece of cake with the money saved.

From Berlin with love