Berlin - Speciality Coffee - No Fire No Glory

Yay. Eventually. I found the one. The perfect brew in a cup in Berlin. I have to admit I am a bit spoiled. While I drank coffee made by Australian baristas over the last seven years I became a bit of a coffee snob. I mean I could not help it, it just happened. Melbourne is the place where the coffee culture is legendary and the coffee quality the constant talk of town. I find it irritating when people just drink their coffee without talking about it. Sounds crazy if you have never been to Australia, but it isn’t really.

Berlin - Speciality Coffe - No Fire No Glory

I stumbled across No Fire No Glory and ordered a coffee and a piece of the lemon tart. My Cappuccino was served at just the right temperature and had a sweet slightly bright taste. I was delighted, ordered another one and ‘big surprise’ it tasted exactly the same as my first one. It proves the barista was not just lucky with the first shot he made.

No Fire No Glory buys their coffee from the Coffee Collective in Copenhagen. I drank some coffee at their coffee shop at Torvehallerne while I was in Copenhagen and their barista told me the coffee beans are sourced from farms and the roasting process is about bringing out the unique characteristics of each bean. The flavour is clean, thick and true, in one word simply yum.

Coffee Collective in Copenhagen
Coffee Collective in Copenhagen

I sat right in front of the impressive Spirit Espresso machine. Van der Westen machines are made in the Netherlands and are reminiscent of classic Cadillacs and to just have a look at the machine is worth the visit at No Fire No Glory ...

Berlin - Speciality Coffe - No Fire No Glory
The Spirit at No Fire No Glory

Where is your favourite coffee place? I am looking forward to hear from you.

Rykestraße 45
10405 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
Opening Hours: Tue–Sun 10h–20h

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