Travel South Africa. Happy World Penguin Day

Two penguins walking next to each other over boulders on the ocean shore

It’s World Penguin Day and I love to visit the African Penguins in the wild in South Africa at Boulders Beach in Simon’s Town. Whenever I am there, I, first of all, have to overcome my aversion of swimming in the icy cold Atlantic Ocean. It is great though that the water at the sheltered Boulders Beach does get warmer as the usual 10 to 12 degrees Celsius at other Cape Town beaches. 

As soon as I spot a Penguin swimming next to me, the icy cold is forgotten but I make my way back to the shore in order not to disturb my feathered friends. For me the fun begins with observing the little creatures for hours. It is better than watching a film that's for sure. Often I met a few wanderers on the tiny lanes close to Boulders Beach and I can tell you they are the cutest ever.

Facts published by South African National Parks

According to South African National Parks African Penguins were reclassified on 26 May 2010 from a Vulnerable to now Endangered status. Numbers at the Boulders Penguin Colony decreased from 3900 in 2005 down to 2100 in 2011. They say that the decline at Boulders and the global decline is the suspected result of habitat destruction, effects of oil spills and other marine pollution, impacts of global warming on fish stocks and fish movement, overfishing, irresponsible tourism activities, domestic pets/animals.

Watch City Slickers - Adopt a Penguin - Volunteer

What can we do as tourists? Best thing is to leave the Penguins alone, even if you have a massive urge to pet them. They are wild animals after all. The least we can do is not feed or touch nor chase them and take all rubbish back home with us. If you would like to do more for the Penguins simply jump onto the SANCCOB web page and look for more information. You might even become part of their team as a volunteer. When I miss the Penguins too much, I watch the documentary City Slickers, made by film-maker Trevor de Kock.  

Three penguins walking in a group on a sand path between bushes

A penguin walks over boulders on the ocean shore

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