Land Rover Experience Tour - To the top of the world

The book Land Rover Experience Tour - To the top of the world published by teNeues, tells about eleven selected participants of the tour and their adventures in eleven countries and five cultures.

„Land Rover without adventure? Never“

Lonely villages, endless steppe, raging rivers, thick dust, icy snow, rain-soaked jungle ... and the Land Rovers and their drivers at all times right in the middle of it. As soon as one sees the first vehicles in action, one feels hungry for adventure. If one looks at the 497 images and texts on the 272 pages one is ready to jump into a Land Rover and set off on the spot.

The book follows 20 road tracks in countries like Jordan, Iceland, Namibia, Scotland, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Malaysia, and Bolivia and along the Silk Road. The captivating and enthralling texts are in German and English and every single story shows the true passion the adventurers have, both for the unique event as well as for the vehicles.

By the time one finishes reading the book, one decides to go on a tour soon ... and if not, at least to start testing the off-road ability of the family car on the next trip to the local grocery store.

The book is for all those who love Land Rover and have never shied away from an adventure.

Land Rover Experience Tour, teNeues, EUR 65

From Berlin with love

Photo © Thomas Grimm, Dag Rogge, Hans Hermann Ruthe

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