Is it even possible to travel light?

As soon as I book a trip I am in heaven. Of course I am where else would I be? The closer the date of the trip gets, things start to change (albeit only slightly). I never know what to take with me. That is why I leave packing up to the very last minute. No matter what sort of trip I am about to take, it is always hard to find the right clothes, more honest, I better say to find the right amount of clothes. I tend to over pack. Not a surprise really. I know all these tricks and practice them over and over again. I don’t fold my clothes into separate squares, no, I rather roll them together for ultimate space-saving, and I use wrapping paper as well. I never take any books, no, I buy them locally, same goes for toiletries. And I make do with only a few pair of shoes …

I take a boat, a car, a few bicycles, a washing machine …

When I saw these guys in Australia I got really jealous. Pardon the drool, but they can take just as much as they want obviously. I cannot even begin to imagine how it would feel to be able to take so much stuff on vacation. A year later I saw a similar set of the “I-could-not-care-less-what-to-pack-guys” in South Africa.

This is the life ...

What about you? Do you tend to rather take everything you own on vacation or do you always travel light (and that with ease)? If so, do you have any secret tips for travelling light? Cannot wait to hear from you.

From Berlin with love

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