Travel Great Britain. Searching for John Constable in Suffolk

On the weekend friends and I went on a daytrip to Suffolk. The county in East England is wedged between Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex and the English Channel. I loved that there are so many pink-washed houses in the so called Constable Country in the Stour Valley. 

The paint called Suffolk Pink dates back to the 14th century. I could not help feeling like I am in a novel while driving through the countryside which is named after the famous English Romantic painter John Constable. His Dad by the way was the owner of the mill in Flatford.

At Flatford Mill

We had Mince Pie Scones and a mug of mulled wine at Bridge Cottage before we strolled down to Flatford Mill. The area is so very quiet and peaceful, and it felt like we were actually walking through one of Constable’s paintings. 

When it started to mizzle we went into Valley Farm house. The volunteer of the National Trust (their aim is to save Britain’s heritage and open spaces) who welcomed us was an extraordinary friendly guy to talk to. In the Tudor style house we encountered a choir singing Christmas Carols. While they sang cheerfully we drank some more mulled wine at the fire place and kissed under the mistletoe.
Painting: The Hay Wain with
Willy Lott's Cottage and the Mill pond

Willy Lott's Cottage and the Mill pond
Follow this link to the website of the National Trust if you long to wander through a John Constable painting.

From Berlin with love