Cologne - Fancy a book from the honesty bar?

While strolling through Cologne in North Rhine Westphalia I stumbled upon a building which reminded me of a shack in the Australian bush. Soon I found out it is a mini library. The concept is as easy as easy can be. 

You walk in, take a book and bring it back after two weeks. No need for a membership, no need to pay a fee. To take a book back home is free of charge. It is built on trust and run by volunteers in the name of the city library. There are 1.100 books to choose from. So, why not take a book from the honesty bar when you are next in Cologne? 

minibib - Stadtgarten/Entrance Spichernstraße, 50672 Köln. Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 12 bis 7pm, Saturday 2.30pm to 7pm, Sunday 12pm to 7pm.

From Berlin with love

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