Travel Great Britain. There is nothing like London in summer

There is nothing better than summer in London, isn't it? When I lived in London I became so attached to it; I had the very best year. There was not a single night where I didn't see a show, a film, a play or concert, not a single night where I not had dinner at either relaxed local pubs or the hottest outstanding newly opened restaurants. Not a single weekend where I did not browse markets, museums, galleries or other art spaces, not a single day where I did not walk the city’s parks or had a stroll along the embankment of the Thames.

I had not had a single moment during the whole time where I did not appreciate how amazing life in London is. I love the English and how friendly they are, I love the hectic and the crowds. I love that everything is so full of history. I also love the constant stream of tourists who love London just as much as I do. I was a TOURISTIN for a whole year.

My initial question is not quite correct since even winter days in London are fabulous. Who doesn't love ice skating at Somerset house followed by mulled wine?

What do you like about London?

From Berlin with love

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Greetings stranger. I always try to be myself and to be a tourist as often as I can. I would love to get in contact with lots of hard travelling tourists who love to be out and about as much as I do. I am looking forward to all your comments. Thanks so much in advance.