For the last seven years, I lived in Australia. Since everyone needs a sea change every now and then I went back home to Germany. As soon as I started spreading the news to friends and family they warned me that it is going to be horrible. I reckoned I can prove their theory wrong and wanted to blog 365 days of how awesome Germany is. I got tired of the idea before I even started my project. Not because Germany isn't fantastic, it just feels weird saying it out loud ... and that for a whole year.

During my first weeks in Berlin, I came across more and more people who look down on tourists. As if this would not be enough, everyone also considers himself a traveller; even if people are planning a week-long vacation on an island in the Mediterranean Sea they refuse to accept that they are in fact tourists. People in general rather pretend to travel, even if it is just around the corner to the south of Europe. They behave, like being a tourist is something nasty. Some even go so far, to refuse to go to certain places because they are too touristy. For me, these are usually the ones I like to hang out at since there one often finds the most interesting people (the ones who like to travel).

I don’t get it, what is wrong with being a tourist? Being a tourist is so much better than hanging out in front of the telly, right? Being a tourist is awesome. If one avoids the too-touristy-places, it is likely one misses out on a lot of great places which are well worth a visit.

Just in case you wonder: That was when the idea for my blog was born.

Have you ever had a discussion about this topic? What is your opinion on it? Have you ever been a tourist yourself? Do you rather consider yourself a traveller as well? Where is the difference between a traveller and a tourist? And why is it in the eyes of many individuals so much better to be a traveller than a tourist?

I always try to be myself and to be a tourist as often as I can. I would love to get in contact with lots of hard-travelling tourists who love to be out and about as much as I do. I am looking forward to all your comments and thank you in advance. Until then, safe travels.

Important: You will soon realize there is no niche topic I write about. This wouldn’t be me at all, I can't narrow my interests down to just one thing. Who wants to lead such a dull life? The articles on THE TOURISTIN are about camping and cooking in the bush, going on road trips, as well as visits to galleries and museums or eating at great restaurants. I often even buy shoes or food items when travelling. If it is marvellous, and be it in the bush or in a fantastic major city or small hamlet, I share everything I find with you. Don’t let someone put you into one corner when there are so many others to discover

From Berlin With Love

P.S. Touristin is the German word for a female tourist.