Travel Germany. Daytrip to Rostock

Pastel coloured facades of four modernized period properties in light blue, pink, white and yellow.

When I was a girl I never thought I would visit Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. To be honest, I did not even know it existed. And to be bluntly honest nor did I ever care about the country behind the iron curtain. Not because I was an ignorant child but no one actually spoke about it that much. I understood the country was run by dangerous weirdos and its citizens were not allowed to travel the world, but that was about it. 

Sometimes at Christmas, we collected money at school and sent parcels...

Contacts to a political party in the GDR

I went on a day trip to Rostock. The town is within the territory of the ex-communist German Democratic Republic. Back then, people from the democratic western part of Germany referred to the GDR as the zone. It is unlikely, that people from the former West, who not had family or contacts to a political party in the GDR ever travelled across the border which separated the two Germanys.

Exotic sounding names - the zone

Most Germans are overjoyed by the fact that life as a German today is unrecognisably different. It is considered rude to use the words the zone but in return, the sky is the limit and I can easily go there by car. Since I live in Berlin travel time to Rostock is only approx a bit over two hours … passing by places with to me totally exotic-sounding names like Neuruppin, Wittstock, Krakow am See and Güstrow. Life is full of surprises really. 

Pink potted flowers next to a cup of coffee with milk foam.

Large refurbished red brick grain warehouse next to a Litfasssäule (advertising column).

Summer meadow.

Tower and facade of a red brick church.

Red brick church under a blue sky.

Stone and red brick facades and red rooftops.

A row of olourful period facades next to a river.

Large yellow pillars of a period property with a church and a row of pastel-colured period houses in the distance.

Roofs in different red colours.

I had a coffee break at Café Kloster, it is close to the old city wall of Rostock, in the courtyard of the former Monastery of the Ladies of the Holy Cross. Cappuccino is delicious. 

Café Kloster. Klosterhof 6, 18055 Rostock, Mo to Saturday 11am to 7pm.

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