If you follow this link, you'll find out who I am and how the idea for my blog THE TOURISTIN was born. Touristin is the German word for a female tourist and I am curious, fearless and happy... one who appreciates being healthy and alive. You might also like to read Are you the good traveller or only the bad tourist.

Important: You will soon realize there is no niche topic I write about. This wouldn’t be me at all, I can't narrow my interests down to just one thing. Who wants to lead such a dull life? The articles on THE TOURISTIN are about camping and cooking in the bush, going on road trips, as well as visits to galleries and museums or eating at great restaurants. I often even buy shoes or food items when travelling. If it is marvellous, and be it in the bush or in a fantastic major city or small hamlet, I share everything I find with you.

Don’t let someone put you into one corner, when there are so many others to discover.

From Berlin With Love Dorothée Lefering

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Greetings stranger. I always try to be myself and to be a tourist as often as I can. I would love to get in contact with lots of hard travelling tourists who love to be out and about as much as I do. I am looking forward to all your comments. Thanks so much in advance.