Travel Colombia. Where to Eat Vegetarian in Style in Cartagena de Indias

The country in Northern South America has a coastline of 3,200 kilometres and Cartagena, with its tropical climate, faces the Caribbean Sea between Panama and Venezuela. The town founded in 1533, is named after Cartagena in Spain by Spanish conquerors. The walled city, Ciudad Amurallada in Spanish, since 1984 Unesco World Heritage Site, with its colonial houses and their colourful entrance doors that are often framed by bougainvillea, hibiscus or oleander is a come alive wonderland.

At times humidity can be as high as 97%, simply drink vast amounts of ice cold Limonada de Coco (it is blended coconut, lime juice, sugar and ice) to live through it. I got a map of the old town and walked literally every single street. The smell of jasmine wafts through the air, fruit- and handicraft sellers coexist with lots of coffee shops and stylish restaurants. I found the most amazing ones of the latter along the way, there are more than 600 of them in this town.

This town is surely one of the most exciting foodie destinations right now; try food-creations that are a fusion of indigenous, Spanish and African flavours. Restaurants offer high quality dining which is value for money. What is the point of eating out, if you won’t get the most amazing experience?

The look of restaurants is just as important as the food. Restaurants, often on Cartagena’s main streets, feel hidden and tucked away; the ambience in town is simply magical, and all restaurants I recommend, understand how to mirror their cooking skills in the design of their dining rooms (or probably vice versa). You will find many decorating ideas to steal.

Read on to find out where to eat vegetarian in style in Cartagena.

How can tourists act water-sensitive during a drought and water crisis?

Sustainable travel. How can tourists act water sensitive during a drought and water crisis

When you talk to people about their reasons to visit places, a big one is the weather. The endless summer, the warm days, the big blue sky and the brightest sunshine one can imagine. These are the perfect conditions for a summer vacation for tourists who wish to get away from the grey and miserable weather at home.

Let us say for example Cape Town, a place in a water-scarce region, and when we visit, we should remind ourselves that we are vacationing in such one. It is hard for people living in countries with sayings like “Oh, it is summer, the rain is warmer,” and where people look like they had just been lying in a river when they get back from grocery shopping on a rainy day.

Travel Spain. With Barcelona Architecture Walks through Barcelona and the Future

Spain is one of the easiest places in the world to travel to. Barcelona and probably also Madrid are on most people’s Spain itinerary. You plan a visit to Barcelona and created a list of things that you would love to see that includes: take photos of the Basilica Sagrada Familia, Casa Battlo and La Pedrera, drink Cortado on a tiny square in the Gothic Quarter, play princess in the fairy-tale like Park Guell, stroll crazy-busy La Rambla, eat and drink sumptuously on la Boqueria market, fill up your vitamin D levels on Barceloneta beach and get a contemporary culture-fix at the CCCB in Raval.

Barcelona and The Future with Barcelona Architecture Walks