What’s happening in Europe – Eyewitness Series Part Four

Travelling is good for the soul, it enriches every life, and it helps us to understand the world around us. The more places we see, and the more people we get the chance to talk to, the better we can understand others. I write about places I visit. I said this before, I love to go for walks at the Louvre in Paris, I love strolls along Southbank in London and visiting the Borough Market, I love to go for walks in the West of Berlin and I love to go shopping all around Las Ramblas in Barcelona. I’m there together with thousands of other tourists and locals who love these places as much as I do. Too many out there want to make people believe that the world is a dangerous place and that we should all live in fear of each other. This is something I can’t and won’t confirm.

No matter where I travel to, I enjoy talking to others and learn from them, it is not always life-changing encounters but the little things count too. I started to ask others how they see the world; I really would love to know how others feel about it and share their feelings and observations. For this part, I asked Lori Sorrentino, a writer, blogger, photographer and travel expert from the US.

Lori loves exploring the world, be it her own city or the other side of the world, she enjoys finding new places, people, and foods out there. On her blog Travlinmad Lori writes about how she meets locals and what she learns about different foods and cultures.

It is important to me that all publications are the full version of each eyewitness’s own feelings and observations. And now Lori tells us how it feels to travel in Europe these days. 

Lori Sorrentino: Editor Travlinmad


Travel Austria - 5 Dreamy Christmas Markets in Vienna you have to visit in 2017

Once upon a time, in late medieval times, people organized fairs and markets at the beginning of winter as an opportunity to stock up on products. In the 14th century, artisans like toy makers or confectioners began to build stalls, from where they sold their wares. This was the perfect opportunity for parents who bought the goods as Christmas presents for their loved ones. And then there were stalls with roasted chestnuts, nuts and almonds. That was the moment the tradition was born: Christmas markets.

It is November, and the long wait for the Christmas markets to open is (as good as) over. We can start planning again. Put Vienna, the capital city of Austria, on your Christmas market wish list. No doubt about it, Vienna, home to illustrious Cafés, traditional horse carriages and to the very romantic waltz, is worth a trip at any time of the year, but especially so when dressed in sparkly Christmas lights. For Christmas season lights get sprinkled all over town lavishly.


Eyewitness South Africa. Blogger Phil Steyn from Porterville

Porterville, the small town in the Western Cape province of South Africa lies 150 kilometres north-east of Cape Town, 55 kilometres to the south of Citrusdal, 45 kilometres north-west of Tulbagh and 25 kilometres south-east of Piketberg. Near Porterville, there is the mountainous Groot Winterhoek Wilderness Conservation area, as a part of the Cape Floral Region it is a protected UNESCO listed World Heritage Site. The area full of mountain fynbos and bizarre rock formations is a paradise for everybody who wants to look at ancient rock paintings by the San and Khoi people and everybody who loves hiking, climbing, swimming and kloofing.  

Phil Steyn is the Blogger behind the Porterville Tourist, he wants everybody to learn how very beautiful is hometown is, and he found the time to tell us about it.