Monday, 26 September 2016

Travel Italy. Hiking at Lago di Braies in the UNESCO nature heritage listed Prags Dolomites

If you love to travel to see hidden gems in off the beaten path locations along the road less travelled please do not visit Lago Braies in Italy. I will be brutally honest (autsch), Lago die Braies is the complete opposite. It is a place for the masses, travelling on well-trodden paths, that came here on roads that are at times utterly clogged by traffic. There are coach loads of humans, and if that isn’t enough stress for slow travellers already, they are all dressed either in neon or beige outdoor gear. 

View from above: Pragser Wildsee, Lake Prags, Lake Braies

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Eyewitness Edinburgh in Scotland: Steven from Finding a Neish

One of my shock and horror moments was when I asked a fellow travel blogger whether he is interested in doing something together against racism. I naively assumed that we as frequent travellers can tell stories that show the world that love is so much better than hate. The reaction was as sobering as it was sad “Sounds good, but I don’t want to lose out on assignments. I would rather not be involved …”.

Speechless. I have strong moral principles and no freebie, be it in form of a glass of sparkling wine or even a massive piece of cream-cake, can change that.

In Steven, the face behind the blog Finding a Neish, I found someone who shares my views. I admire in him that he obviously hasn't sold his soul and isn't afraid to speak out. I knew Steven from talking about travelling but my interest in him grew as I heard his opinion about Brexit.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Out of Slovenia. Glamping in rural Slovenia. Chateau Ramšak

After the restrictions during the Yugoslav years, and everything that followed, Chateau Ramšak is finally opening its doors to the public. Is it worth the journey? I travelled through the rolling hills of Slovenia to find out.

Green Hills of Slovenia