Go Hiking in the Dolomites and Eat Kaiserschmarrn

I love hiking and taking photos in the Dolomites and all that but what I also like is to sit down and eat. Stopping for lunch at one of these alpine huts I recommend you eat Kaiserschmarrn.

-Kaiser = Emperor.

-Schmarrn = A Schmarrn in Bavarian and Austrian cooking is a dish in which during the preparation the initial mass of the dish is roughly divided into small pieces. In Bavarian, everything that appears to be meaningless is described as schmarrn (nonsense).

There are a few stories of how Kaiserschmarrn came into this world, and I like this version a waiter told me, it goes well with hiking and being in the mountains.


Visit Magic City: Street Art Binge

Art Work by Wenu

Can you imagine a city where you can see the work from 66 street artists from 20 different countries? It sounds too good to be true but I just visited that place. The American author and art critic Carlo McCormick curated the exhibition Magic City, which has a market square, a town hall, a cinema, a playground, a café and even a red light district. Magic City is an exhibition that brings urban art inside to explain the street art movement right from its start. So far this is a unique concept.


2.5 kilometres Berlin - Let's Talk About Diversity

Berlin is the capital city of Germany. Tourists and locals both love to visit the Maerkisches Museum to learn about Berlin’s history, or go to the Berlin Cathedral for a great view over the town and to listen to a concert. Of great interest is also the book burning memorial on Bebelplatz, as well as the Museum Island. You can easily spend a whole day and more just to see these few mentioned Berlin hotspots, and I often do exactly that.

Here is a route I walk on most Saturdays when I’m at home in Berlin. I can't remember how many people I met with while they were visiting I have shown this part of town. It is a lot to take in, a bit overwhelming or better shocking probably too. You won’t have to walk far; it is only 2.5 kilometres in total. It is a short walk, and it shows clearly that it is always the right time for diversity and intercultural openness. Schedule in a full day, and you will see a lot of Berlin’s history. You will see many fine street scenes, cafes and bars and at the same time see places where the most to this day unfathomable and ferocious things happened. Just right in the middle of Berlin, you will find gruesome history and many stories about people with strong moral courage.