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What have books got to do with vacations? A lot. Reading a book is like a vacation. We can travel through books, and we can go to a different place every time we open a new book. I read every day ever since I can remember. Reading is pure joy for me. To me, reading, as well as Social Media is a form of travelling. It transports me to faraway places. I get to talk to people in other towns and countries, even when I cannot go there. Sometimes I cannot travel because of a lack of time or money. And sometimes a pandemic rages the planet and holds me back. Due to the ongoing pandemic travel is restricted still. Everything can happen, in real life as well as on a verbatim journey. Read to travel.

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Fuel your Wanderlust – Cure your Fernweh

In recent months I visited England, the US, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Syria, Greece, Poland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway, and Canada. And all that while I was sitting on my balcony, a sofa or lying in bed. I was there when visions become reality, and when friendships were formed. I saw flings develop into full love stories and was there when death tore lovers apart. I lived through hardship and crisis with protagonists and celebrated their joyful moments. I travelled far back in time and all the way into the future. I travelled far without ever leaving my flat. Reading fuels my wanderlust as much as it cures my fernweh.

Books are loyal friends – gift them your time

You expand your horizon on so many levels with reading fiction, be it a novel or a short story. Stories tell us about the lives of others. We can meet people from foreign countries. We might meet people who have a different socio-economic background from us. People, who probably have a very different attitude compared to our own. Everyone knows that travelling widens our horizons and reading does that too. The more we read, the more we know, the better we understand others. Reading makes us more empathic, and it helps us with problem-solving.

Reading – A spa day for the soul and a journey around the world

Anyone who immerses fully into a story, who is in it with all their heart and soul knows the feeling of being mentally refreshed after reading. Tensions disappear into thin air; problems are put into perspective. In short, reading creates relaxation. Reading is like a spa day for the soul.

#VerbatimJourney: Books +++ Reading +++ Wanderlust +++ Fernweh

Books are loyal friends, they keep on giving, and never ask for anything in return. You can talk about books to strangers on social media or at bars (when possible again), and to your closest friends. With reading and talking about books, you can make new friends. With reading, I am only one sentence away from a great journey.

The #VerbatimJourney chat is a collaboration with Trip Fiction. We are as much serial readers as we are tourists, and we want to hear from you. Let us talk about books and about where you travel to with each new one. With reading, we can pretty much travel all around the world.

Is the #VerbatimJourney Twitter chat for you? A checklist.

Everyone is welcome to join. We need every voice, and we want to hear about all the books out there. Please inspire us to travel and to read. The More the Merrier. Everyone is welcome, no matter what. You have an impact.

You are welcome to join #VerbatimJourney if you can answer one or more of the following with yes.

-Do you read one book per year?

-Do you read one book per day?

-Do you read one book per week?

-Do you stick to one genre?

-Do you jump genres?

-Do you love genre-benders?

-Do you love fantasy-, historical-, and/or contemporary-fiction?

-Does it have to be a romantic story for you?

-Did you discover reading only recently?

-You are a bookworm aka bibliophile?

-You have a list with books to read?

-You can easily name the best books you read so far?

-Do you read only the classics and famous books?

-Do you like reading?

How, where and when can you join the #VerbatimJourney Twitter chat?

Please jump on Twitter. Please create a free account if you don’t have one.

Type in #VerbatimJourney in the search bar.

Click on ‘latest’ to follow the chat.

Use #VerbatimJourney in your answer.

Bring all your book-loving friends along.

We post a new question every Monday around lunchtime (CET).

You don’t need to prepare anything.

Be spontaneous.

Be social (it is called social media for a reason).

Just be you.



The Twitter chat about Books + Reading + Wanderlust + Fernweh

with @TripFiction and @DoroLef #TripFiction.


See you on Twitter. We welcome all input and all your ideas for the #VerbatimJourney Twitter Chat.

From Berlin with love