The #TRLT twitter chat turns 100

Way back in December 2013 I discovered the road less travelled twitter chat, in short that is #trlt and had so much fun, I couldn’t believe what was out there in the Twittersphere. Savannah of Sihpromatum, Ariana of Point Chaser and Shane of The Travel Camel, all of them love to travel and are very active on twitter, managed to create a community of like minded people. Twitter is all about community, about experiencing something together, and everybody in this chat is so passionate to talk about pretty much everything travel related.

I love to be on the road less travelled - Botswana

It is most fascinating that you can start the chat with talking to someone in Hawaii and end it by talking to someone in Paris. The group is a welcoming one, and I love that. You never know who is out there. Early on there was one chat about accommodation, and wanting to give an example of how a chat works, I wrote about it on The Touristin, please read it here: The “The Road Less Travelled" Twitter Chat. About Accommodation.

Bear with me, it gets better, it is amazing to meet some of the tweeps in real life, it actually feels like you know them (obviously also depending on how much you already talked on Twitter). This is How it happened: I met 5 TRLT-Tweeps in real life.

As a travel blogger I travel a lot, and the only downside is that I often can’t join the chat. But over the 100 weeks we discussed the answers to questions like What’s the longest period of time you’ve been off-line while traveling? Do you visit World Wonders when you travel? What is one of your favourite food markets on The Road Less Travelled? Ever participated in a creative activity to learn about local culture?...

To me this chat is so excellent because there are many in this group who would not just say places are not safe enough and that there are too many beggars and scams everywhere. This chat is a place where you find people who really love to go out into the world and understand other cultures. I could easily discuss topics like 5 thoughts that will change your perception about Marrakech and Essaouira with the #trlt crowd.

The #trlt chat is on every Tuesday at 7pm Berlin time (please google that for your time zone).

Today the 100th #trlt is about “Personal Changes”

Here are the questions for tonight. The chat is together with Savannah, Shane, Jessica, Anton, Charles and Dorothée (ha ha, this is me).

Q1: How has travel on The Road Less Travelled changed you? Share a photo! via @wandelgek @WildlifeDest @marcellinho_nl #TRLT

Q2: Did your travel philosophy change on The Road Less Travelled? How? via @CharlesMcCool @MarjiStevens #TRLT

Q3: What personal changes have you had to make to accept certain things on The Road Less Travelled? via @Worldwidexplore #TRLT

Q4: Has #TRLT changed your lifestyle at home or perspective of your home country? via @WandertheBlue @Goingabroadtips

Q5: What place or moment on #TRLT forever changed you? Share a photo! via @FrancieVWirkus @DropMeAnywhere @wanderlustchloe

If you would like to know how the #trlt community answers simply come along tonight. See you in the twittersphere.

From Berlin with love