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Munich in Bavaria has it all, it is easy to reach, modern and charming, trendy and traditional, it is a friendly and welcoming town. Munich Christmas markets are the epitome of Christmas market culture. Nutcrackers, incense-makers, angels, snow globes, gnomes, baubles, Christmas trees made from wood, cinnamon stars, ginger bread, cheese fondue, felt shoes, wooden pendants, wooden toys, bookends, ceramic cups, bowls, plates, cards, paper, spices, tea. You will find it all on one of Munich’s Christmas markets. The Christmas season is here. The long wait is over. If you are only going to visit five Christmas markets in Munich, why not make it the following ones? Snow is forecasted for Munich. It is December, and if you spent time outside, you regularly need hot drinks to stay warm (drink mulled wine). 

It can get very busy, there are going to be thousands, if not millions, of Christmas market lovers all around you, why not read Oh all these Magical Christmas Markets - The Do's and Don’ts for a perfect Christmas Market visit before you go and visit these ones in Munich.


Stalls are on pretty Marienplatz under the tower of the Old Town Hall, where you can admire a 24 meters high tree decorated with 2,500 candles, as well as along the Kaufinger- and Neuhauser Street all the way to the Richard Strauss fountain and from Weinstrasse to the Sternenplatzl on Rindermarkt. The Christkindlmarkt has been in this location ever since 1972; however, during Christmas time in Munich markets have been around since the 14th century. There are 160 stalls where you can buy everything from traditional Bavarian Christmas delicacies to handmade Christmas tree decoration. It is in the centre of town, and it is the market most people visit. Understandably. The setting is terrific, it couldn’t be more enchanting.

Info: 27th November to 24th December 2017, daily 12pm to 9pm. Saturday and Sunday 11am to 8.30pm. Tickets: Free.

Christmas Market Chinese Tower

It is a little adventure to get to this market if you visit in the evening. Hang on; this might be the reason that it is so special. If you start your walk on Leopoldstrasse to get here, you’ll have to make your way through the deserted and dark English Garden, and when I say dark, I mean sort of pitch dark. From afar one can see a light glow in the woods, very fairy tale like, it looks so romantic, and that is the light that guides you towards the market. Your bravery and effort will be rewarded with one of the prettiest of Christmas markets. This cute and cosy market offers Christmassy food and drinks but also ice curling rinks. Trumpeters and choirs create a magnificent atmosphere by performing traditional carols. On weekends one can go on horse-drawn carriage rides through the English Garden. Best of all is there is no traffic near and far.

Info: Englischer Garten 3, 80538 Munich. Info: 27th November to 23rd December 2017, daily 12pm to 9pm. Saturday and Sunday 11am to 8.30pm. Tickets: Free.

Haidhauser Christmas Market

This quaint little Christmas market that runs around the fountain on Weissenburger square in the Munich borough of Haidhausen is perfect for all the ones who are after a more local experience. The nativity scene in a rustic, original Austrian Ziller valley wooden cottage is a true drawcard too. You will find organic products, local specialities, as well as all things made from honey, think honey soaps, honey candles, honey gummy bears, honey sweets and honey cosmetics and wooden handmade goods.

Info: Weissenburger Platz, 81667 Munich. Hours: 28th November till 24th December 2017, Sunday to Wednesday 11am to 8.30pm. Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11am to 9pm. 24th December 2017 10am to 2pm. Tickets: Free.

Christmas Village Emperor’s Courtyard at the Residence

This is the market off Odeonsplatz. You will have to search for it for a moment since it is hidden in the large courtyard of the Residence. The residence, a former palace built for Bavarian royals is directly at Odeonsplatz, a square in the centre of town. There are 130 (!) lavishly gold decorated rooms, packed to the rafters with paintings, miniature paintings, mirrors, tapestries, furniture, cutlery and china. Today one can still see and walk through the sumptuous ruler's residence with its courtyards and gardens. You should at least visit the Renaissance Hall of Antiquities built between 1568 and 1571. It is one of the oldest Renaissance Halls in Europe.

Traditions play a big role in this Christmas village in the emperor's courtyard. In the rustic wooden huts, artists show their craftsmanship, think glass blowers and goldsmiths. Listen to the live music while snacking on Christmas goodies and marvel at the architecture that surrounds you.

Info: Emperor’s Courtyard at the Residence. Open till 22nd December 2017, Monday to Sunday 11am to 9pm. Tickets Christmas market: Free.

Schwabinger Christmas Market Muenchner Freiheit

At no other Christmas market in the city is drinking mulled wine as big as on this one, you can go so far as to say that visitors go here primarily for the drinking and the fun and festive atmosphere. You can also see and buy art by Munich painters, sculptors and designers. Highly recommended to visit at night. Info: 27th November to 30th December 2017, closed 25th December 2017. Hours: 10am to 9pm. Tickets: Free.

How to get to Munich?

Take the train, buy tickets here.

Fly into town; visit the website of the airport (there is a Christmas market too).
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