Travelling? It makes you thirsty for more of this thing called life

Travelling does the craziest things to you. It goes like this. At the beginning of this year, as I was in Botswana, when I saw the wildlife I was convinced that I will do more birdwatching when back home. Easy, go to any lookout point and start. In Zimbabwe I wanted to become a freedom fighter, whereas soon after in Cape Town, South Africa I knew I need to buy a farm in the Karoo and live happily ever after. I mean, thinking of it, an apartment in Clifton with a view of the ocean would equally do the trick.

Whenever I am in Munich, Germany I think it should be fun to lead a more traditional life in Berlin too (whatever that would be I'm not sure). In Rotterdam, the Netherlands I felt I had to hang out at these little Indie places more often, get to know my community and all this. In Positano, Italy I was so sure that from now on I will forever make my own pasta, as in always and until my very last day. In Innsbruck, Austria it became clear to me once more that an alpine view is the best thing since sliced bread.

In Szczecin, Poland I thought how amazing it would be to learn everything about Polish history there is. In Helsinki, Finland I decided that it truly is the best to cover my whole apartment in Marimekko design. In Madrid, Spain I thought that tomato bread, coffee cortado (espresso with milk) and orange juice from now will be the best start in the day. Why not, right?

In Denmark I knew it would be totally me to re-decorate in a nautical theme, thank heavens I already wear striped t-shirts or dresses most of the time. Funnily enough in Essaouira, Morocco I bought Kilim boots and dream of living in an Aladdin’s cove. 

These dreams will of course change in a few days, when I am on my next trip but this is what travelling does to me. For most of the times I want it all, and it feels awesome and I am thirsty for more ... And you can wear striped t-shirts together with handcrafted boots. Stay open minded and enjoy every moment. Safe travels to everybody out there. 

From Berlin with love