MTBB. Meet Travel Bloggers Berlin - November 2014

Thanks everyone for coming along and for making #MTBB such a great evening. It was lovely to talk about so many fantastic dreams and ideas and to exchange experiences made while travelling and blogging. This monthly meeting is for everyone seriously interested in using travel blogging as a main source of income. Travel blogging is tightly connected to social media, and we don't want to hear "I don't need social media." We strongly support the idea of exchanging knowledge and supporting each other. For those of you who couldn’t make it because you were too busy blogging here is a short wrap-up of the night (that way you are not missing out). 


Juergen is toying with the idea of starting a blog. The photographer moved from the pretty town of Heidelberg to the by all loved city of Berlin. He quickly became a real Berliner: He thinks Tegel Airport is cool. 

Ivers runs a company that combines fashion and technology. His hot new product is a heating jacket (sorry for the pun).

Franca and Dale are based in Berlin and run the very successful blog Ango Italian follow us (guess where they are from). Ask them about architecture, art, design and music, they have lots of stories to tell and love to share them with everyone.

Lena Skorodumov heart beats for foreign policy and humanitarian work. She gave insight into her experiences made while being an expat in USA, and travelling the world as a Russian.

Sam Wood and his husband Zab are travels blogger from Berlin, slow travellers who love their life in Berlin, passionate about vegetarian/vegan food, eco-, and LGBT travel. 

Benedict Leung from Hong Kong is interested in bonus programs, and shares secrets of mileage accrual.

Krzysztof SzymaƄski came along with his friend and workmate, and I can’t remember his name. But hey, nobody is perfect, right? The polish guy calls himself a crazy traveller, who studied in Denmark and works in Berlin. He runs two travel related websites in Poland plus one blog. They invest in entrepreneurs in the fields of e-commerce & marketplaces, infrastructure & data and software. 

Ainel lives in Berlin, studies tourism, and is interested in international tourism and tour operators. If you are interested in working with him, please contact me and I will introduce you.

The fabulous (sorry, I simply had to say it) Amelie made her dream come true with buying a piece of land in the Provence, France. She plans to build a resort and is looking for everyone interested in this topic. If you are interested in working with the entrepreneur, please contact me and I will get you in contact with Amelie.

Ben Salt loves travel, tourism, volunteering, photography, and writing.

If you would like to present your blog or company at one of the next meetings please contact me. The next MTBB - Meet Travel Bloggers Berlin is scheduled for 10th December.

From Berlin with love