The 5 Most Amazing Restaurants in Cape Town

Cape Town has a vibrant and excellent Restaurant scene. It seems that chef’s know exactly how to surprise diners. The food is innovative and amazingly fresh. The Restaurants are more welcoming and stylishly decorated as you could ever wish for. Here are my Top 5 Restaurants for vegetarian food in Cape Town. I had dinner at these places several times over the years and never left disappointed. Fact is it is indeed quite the opposite. As soon as I wave good bye at the door I start dreaming of my next visit.

My Top 5 Cape Town Restaurants

- Planet Bar and Restaurant, find everything you need to know here.
- The Roundhouse, find everything you need to know here.
- Savoy Cabbage, find everything you need to know here.
- 95 Keerom, find everything you need to know here. 
- The Test Kitchen, find everything you need to know here. 

Planet Bar and Restaurant, and this is only the ladies bathroom


Savoy Cabbage

The Test Kitchen

What is your favourite Restaurant in Cape Town or anywhere else in the world? Looking forward to hear from you.

From Berlin with love


  1. I like the look of Savoy Cabbage and after having had a quick look at the menu I have to admit that their vegetarian options aren't too bad either and what a lovely presentation!!!

  2. Hi Franca, Savoy Cabbage always offers excellent vegetarian options. All of these Restaurants have great vegetarian food (otherwise they wouldn't be my favorite Restaurants). If I go to a Restaurant without a vegetarian dish on the menu I usually ask what they can prepare for me. Most chefs love the challenge.

  3. Interesting. We also like the Potluck Club (Test Kitchen family) and the Food Barn in Noordhoek

    1. Hi Johan,

      you are right, I also love the Foodbarn in Noordhoek. Until now I have not been up at the Pot Luck Club. Reckon you must have a pretty good view from the Silo :-)


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