Travel Germany in winter. Visit the Alte Pinakothek in Munich

Most people wouldn’t travel to Germany in winter since they believe it is too cold, too miserable, too grey. This might be true, but sunny and warm weather isn’t everything. If you aren’t happy in your own skin, the weather isn’t going to change that. Come summer and these same people probably say “It is too hot, too sticky and too humid”. There you go ...

Would you like to start your day without a lovely croissant and delicious coffee? See, me neither. Before I start walking to the museum I make my way to Aroma Kaffeebar for breakfast. It is a very warm place and feels so homely through and through. The croissants plus the several Cappuccinos I have are simply delicious, very satisfying but that makes it very hard to leave this place.

It is indeed freezing cold in Munich, the wind bites my face and I solitary fight my way to the Königsplatz (Royal Square) to visit the museum Alte Pinakothek. I need to walk to really understand a place, even if the temperature is well below zero degrees Celsius. Commissioned by King Ludwig I of Bavaria, The Alte Pinakothek was designed by the 52 year old German court architect Leo von Klenze and opened in 1836. His design style had an impact on other museums, and soon after this project he even designed parts of the public museum at the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg in Russia. After I store my woollen coat, beanie, gloves and shawl resembling the size of a duvet at the cloakroom I start to wander over the old and creaking wooden parquet through the 19 halls to look at over 700 paintings from all over Europe. There are uncountable transcendental adventure scenes with fanciful individuals in them, as well as landscapes and well known historical scenes in most of these grandiose paintings.

Since I am not the biggest fan of audio guides I miss out on a lot of information. I don’t visit museums to religiously follow and understand every single painting. I am most satisfied if a painting or sculpture speaks to me, if you know what I mean ... This is what it should be all about. Art is for everyone really. There are lots of jewels to be found at the Alte Pinakothek and I loved that there were hardly any other visitors while I was there. The eerily empty and engaging halls. The complete silence. Almost other-worldly. And to top it all off, the most amazing opportunities to happily snap away. I asked at the entrance whether I can take a few pics and it wasn’t a problem. Travel Germany in winter, it is well and truly worth it. 


Vist these websites for opening hours: Aroma Kaffeebar. Pestalozzi Strasse 24, 80469 München (Glockenbachviertel), Germany. Alte Pinakothek. Barer Straße 27, 80333 München, Germany. 

Where is your favourite museum? Looking really forward to hear from you.

From Berlin with love

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