How to best plan a holiday overseas

Going on vacation is fun, it is the best time of the year (OK, blunt lie, that time is Christmas I know). You shall enjoy yourself. Why are there people who obviously fall into deep panic as the mere thought of leaving their country? I worked out how to best prepare for vacation. That way you can stay relaxed, collected and calm, no matter what. Here are a few fantastic things to sort out first. Read on to learn about things like money, transport, fauna, history, accommodation, what to pack? How to pack? How to prepare your home? Enjoy, but please don’t forget I just wanted to say life is too short …


Save a couple of years or months, depending on income. The exchange rate is another massive thing to consider. It might be better if you just plan to go in 5 years. It is annoying you don’t know these things in advance. Not fair really.


Choose Airline. This is a pain, since you want to get the cheapest fair but get first class service for it. Who has the best on-board entertainment? How is the food on board? How many accidents had the airline since its foundation? Ask 10 to 23 acquaintances if they have flown with the airline before. Are the flight attendants pretty? Can you do a free stop over? Do you need a visa? Where can you get this? Can the airline do it for you? Shall you rather book the flight at a travel agency? It is a really long journey. You haven’t booked yet but start thinking of how to get upgraded (anything free and glamourous will do).


Start reading about all the dangerous animals in that faraway place. Who wants to be eaten by ants or anything? You hear the wildest things about places.


Than it is of course best to work through the history of the place on a clear timeline, you don’t want to miss anything, right? That would be a disaster, something you would never forgive your lazy self.


Book a Hotel room. This might take up to several weeks or month. You have to read every single website and every single review site to really find the very best place to stay. But then, don’t they say that it is all cheating and fake reviews these days anyway? A dilemma. Who can you trust? Don’t you have any friends who visited before? They might recommend something? But, what do they know … pffft.

What to pack? How to pack?

What to pack? Which suitcase to take? Google websites, where someone in all earnest recommends taking a bikini, so that you can go for a swim, and a jumper for these oh so chilly nights, and 10 sets of underwear if you go away for a week. This is crucial information, come on, you don’t want to pack the wrong items. Pack everything, unpack everything. Shall you put a name tag on the suitcase? What if someone reads your address and burglars your home? Tough. Weigh packed suitcase. Who wants to pay extra at check-in? Unpacking, pack again. Now put a bright colorful ribbon around the suitcase, so you’ll find it quickly on the luggage belt on arrival.

Prepare your home

Redirect the mail. Ask your neighbours to water the plants and look after everything on a daily basis, better they do it twice a day. Close the shutters, and set timers so that lights get on at certain times, you know how to trick criminals. Google a page where someone smart explains how to set a timer. Don’t forget to tell the neighbours, you never know.

Just saying: Really?

Don’t let others scare you and tell you what to do, do what feels right. Come on, you are going to be on that plane for only a few hours, worst case 36 hours or so. When was the last time you drank Krug Brut Vintage from crystal glasses? Why do you want to do that on a plane? Not everywhere outside your own country is that dangerous. And there are people who call that faraway place home. What would happen if you missed something when sightseeing? Exactly right, nothing at all. You might not book a hotel you would probably fall in love with because someone who hasn’t got any plan and gets upset about pretty much everything in life wrote a bad review after a one night stay on the cheapest rate. Are you honestly telling me no one ever told you about changing underwear or to swim in a bikini? You never felt the urge to put on a pullover at night? Really? Neighbours help each other, isn’t that so?

What I really just wanted to say is, don’t be too critical, don’t forget life is too short. Where do you find yourself? Do you tend to organize just a little bit too much or are you more of a spontaneous vacationer? Do you actively search for websites where someone explains how many sets of underwear to pack? Looking forward to hear from you.

From Berlin with love

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