Vast and unspoilt coast line - Trip to Namaqualand

It is a car, true. But to me the Landy is more than that, it is a friend. It not only drives me from A to B and that always happily but offers me shelter when I am out and about and need a place to sleep. Very handy in South Africa

I spent an awesome few days around New Year’s Eve. I went camping in Namaqualand, which is up the West Coast of South Africa. It is a vast area of land. The coast line is unspoilt. There were not any amenities, no ablution blocks, no fresh water and no power at all, only an Eco loo, and I was the happiest in a long time. There was just the ocean, the wide sky, and the Landy. At night we cooked dinner on a camp fire, made our own bread and marvelled at the millions of stars in the night sky. We were sort of able to touch the swirl of the Milky Way (I know I am exaggerating). It was heaven.

On some mornings we experienced the phenomenon of coastal fog. These fogs are frequent along the coast since cool air comes off the Benguela Current. Soon the sky was bright blue again. During the day we went for long and lonely walks where I took snaps of shells and rocks as souvenirs.

Camping on the beach in Namaqua National Park
Art on the beach Namaqua National Park
The beach - Namaqualand

Visit the South African National Parks website for information about opening hours, how to get there and where to sleep.
From Berlin with love

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